Post-harvest management and milling process is an essential component to ensure the organic integrity. Our processing takes place in Los Charrúas,a small community which depends on farming and agro industry.

We work with local processors in their organic certifications programs, always looking for the enhancement of the system, we try to be ahead the market demands by implementing technology, integrated control systems, capacities, management practices and sustainability criteria.

We have a commitment to the importance of guaranteed food safety, quality and the application of internationally recognized regulations and standards.


We source to the most exigent food industry organic rice bulk products like

  • Long Grain Brown
  • Long Grain White
  • Semi-Milled Rice
  • 100% Broken Rice
  • Customized technical rice mix.

We also source distributors/retailers with high quality Brown & White rice for retail purposes:

  • Fancy quality rice for packaging.
  • Private label packaged rice.
  • Bagged rice for restaurants / retail.